Hard Chrome Enterprises, Inc. specializes in OEM and retrofit applications intended to significantly extend the life of parts subject to friction, corrosion, high temperature and wear. Extending a products life with continued operational reliability saves money, time and labor.


  • Hard Chrome Plating

    QQ-C 320 - AMS 2406

  • Nickel Plating


  • Silver Plating

    AMS 2410 - AMS 2412

  • Black Oxide


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  • Aerospace

    FAA Repair Station #O56R197

    EASA #EASA.145.6691

  • Medical Devices

    Cannula, Trocars, Bonepins, etc.

  • Military

    Gauges, Engine Stands, etc.

  • Industrial

    Shafts, Etc.

  • Gas Turbine

    Bearings, Gears, Shafts, Etc.

Work With The Best

Hard Chrome Enterprises, Inc. is a market leader working with clients to find the ideal price to performance ratio for most metal finishing applications, while striving to exceed client expectations.

What We Do

Metal Plating Tank

Metal Finishing

At Hard Chrome Enterprises, Inc. we have served the metal finishing industry since 1969. Providing a wide range of services across the nation.


At Hard Chrome Enterprises, Inc., attention to detail is in our hearts. We strive to make our work nothing short of excellent.


At Hard Chrome Enterprises, Inc. we make it our duty to deliver everything on time, everytime.


Years in Service

Our Recent Works

Silver and Black Oxide

Silver Plating & Black Oxide

Silver plating internal and external splines along with a black oxide exterior.

Cadmium Plating

Cadmium Plated Gear

A cadmium plated gear for use in heavy machinery to extended life time and increase efficiency.

Industrial Hard Chrome

Industrial Hard Chrome

Hard chrome plating internal diameters before final grind.